Proper Dosing

Standard Dose

A standard Proper Dosing size for cannabis edibles is 100 mg of THC per dose.
Please Note:The US uses 10 mg THC for a measure of a standard dose.
A standard 100 mg dose is enough THC for a low tolerance person to start to feel the intoxicating effects.

Patient Approval
Cannabis Prescription

Differences in Individual’s Tolerances

There are differences in individual tolerances between different people.
A smaller sized persons may be more affected by a standard sized dose than a larger sized person.
Individuals with more experience or higher tolerances may require higher dosing.
A large man that is an experienced cannabis edible user will require more than a smaller less experienced person.
Even the same individual may experience the effects slightly differently from one experience to another based on other variables like how much food or rest they had that day and the individuals state of mind.
A standard dose may be more accurately considered as between 100 mg – 200 mg depending where you are on this curve.
Some people may require more than one or two (appropriately portioned) doses but this should only be done by persons experienced in consuming cannabis infused edibles.

First Time Consumer

You should start with 50 mg – 100 mg initially depending where you are on the above curve.
You should wait at least an hour before you consume more.


Do Not Over Medicate.
Cannabis edible’s intoxicating effects will continue to increase when you consume additional doses.
Please consume responsibly.