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Benefits of Selling Tribal Delights’ Edibles

  1. Award winning & highly reviewed cannabis infused edibles

As an official re-seller of Tribal Delights Edibles you now have the opportunity to provide you customers with the finest quality edible treats available in Canada.

All of our hand crafted edibles are made with only the highest quality all natural and pure ingredients.

We use only pure cannabis tinctures to infuse all of our gourmet edibles.

Don’t take our word on it see our customer Reviews & Testimonials page.

Tribal Delights Edibles is a new company that had its official opening launch in September at The Karma Cup the Canadian National Cannabis Competition in Toronto, September 2017.

Our milk chocolate Thunder Bars won second place in the edibles category .

We are much better prepared for 2018.

Thunder Bars Drop Shipping (940 x 535)


Tribal Delights Edibles - Edible Selection

2. Competitive wholesale pricing with volume discounts

Tribal Delights Edibles is focused on ensuring tat we can provide the best quality edibles at a competitive price.

We are here to help increase our partners (Canadian dispensaries & MOMs) sales and profits.

You will soon see your edibles sales increase with the addition of Tribal Delights Edibles line of fine chocolates and infused treats as well as your customer satisfaction levels.

Register Now – Get Instant Access – Immediately after you have submitted your registration information on the form at the bottom of this page you will be registered as a wholesale customer. You will see that the wholesale pricing is now displayed in your account’s online store’s pricing.

You may make a purchase right away online with our new Wholesale Easy Order Form a single page listing of all of our infused treats with easy product add features.

Payments can be made by email transfer. See How to Order.

In addition to your standard wholesale pricing discounts you will be eligible for volume discount that will be automatically added to you shopping cart totals and will be visible in the checkout page.


Image (Shipping)

3. NO CASH REQUIRED! – NEW re-seller drop shipping services provided

Get started now and you will see an increase in your sales and profits without having to spend any money with our NEW drop shipping services.

You no longer need to invest large amounts of cash to purchase and stock edibles and even larger cash outlays if you want to sell larger quantities to your customers.

List our “specially selected” drop shipping products on your website or in your store and when you receive an order simply fill out a Tribal Delights Edibles order and enter the clients shipping address.

We will ship the products direct to your customer with Canada Post Expedited delivery service.

Your wholesale price will include all packaging and shipping fees so you will not have to worry about anything after you make the initial sale and purchase.

We will send an email confirmation when the shipment has been sent out.


How to Setup Your Wholesale Account


Receive immediate approval ounce your account information has been submitted.


  • Fill in the required contact information on our wholesale registration form.
  • Your account will be automatically be setup with wholesaler status and you will now have access to the wholesale pricing and content for you account.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your approval by email.
  • When you login you will see wholesale prices and you can now make your purchase.
  • You will be provided more detailed information regarding specific wholesale discounts, volume discounts, marketing & promotional material as well as which items qualify as “specially selected” drop shipping items in the Wholesalers Only section.
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Thunder Bar - Karma Cup 2017

Thunder Bar - Karma Cup 2017

Premium Marijuana Infused Chocolate

Spirit Squares

Pot infused gummy candy

Rainbow Delights

Thunder Bars Assorted

Thunder Bars Assorted

Spirit Squares box

Spirit Squares Box

Rainbow Delights Packaging

Rainbow Delights Packaging